Why IVF demand is Increasing?

Published: 24th February 2010
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Health care planners should be aware that the demand for infertility treatment is likely to increase. The average age at first child birth has increased and presumably also the average age at the first attempt to conceive. Demand for fertility treatment from older men and women is rising rapidly as more couples postpone childbearing for long. Up to 30 per cent of women treated in some IVF clinics are aged over 40 and increasing numbers are seeking treatment over 50, according to the latest figures.

The ages of infertile couples has increased over the past five years with almost one in three of the women having IVF at the private hospital being over 40. The upward trend has been seen across the country and is posing medical and ethical challenges.

The rise in divorce rates and second marriages has resulted in increasing numbers of couples wishing to start a second family at a comparatively advanced age.

The opportunity to adopt is now available for very few couples because of the decreasing proportion of illegitimate babies available for adoption. Recent publicity given to developments such as gamete intra fallopian transfer (GIFT) and IVF may have increased the demand for treatment.

Current Life style is also one of the cause to increase in Demand for IVF. Many couple are now have double Income Profile and they normally do not get time to build family. They also have need to settle in career first and when they realize that they need family either they are overage and develop infertility with time.

In Many cases people face problem in second child due to good gap of time when they actually think of second child. In India specially when couple use to get married at 20's and have family by 25 of age. Now in urban section people getting married in the age of 30's and after that they look for career for some more years and that develop infertility.

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